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Hail to the leader
~Bow down & submit!~
2nd-Sep-2011 12:34 am - Star System Chapter 01
-Yay people I'm not dead! I went to Korea, returned safely and now I am preparing for a very very busy year! However, I managed to get my lazy ass and prepare something! An original story inspired by kpop! All original characters, original content etc It's not fanfiction. It's mine! ^^ Well, I hope you enjoy the 1st chapter and leave me comments! -
Chapter 01Collapse )
16th-May-2011 08:35 pm - Returning to the fangirl dump...
Joker part 2
Whoa LJ is so dead to me... Writing a post I mean. After, you know, I migrated to Twitter & FB. Can't blame me though. If I wanted to write sth I'd have a blog. -.- I just like writing short silly stuff. Twitter is perfect for that.

Anyway if any ppl were wondering what I've been doing... Me & my friend established a kpop promoting DJ group, named Lolli(k)pop. We have already played at a party & it was very successful. People have been asking us to do it again. My friend is the one handling the changes in the playlist. I handle part of the song selection & think up of the little events to do at the parties. Like, I do silly dances to entertain them & direct dance moves from above. Next time I'm thinking of making uchiwas & distributing them to the people, then doing some short of dance with those. It'll be fun I think. And at the next party we're playing some C-pop & J-pop in the mix. Our FB group link is: http://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_154971531231096

And I've been slowly preparing for my trip to Korea. Yep, dear LJ I'm going to Korea this summer! No info atm cause I hate to jinx stuff. See ya later~

29th-Mar-2011 09:25 pm - U-KISS COMEBACK ADJKDEGWSH
I haven't written in here for a long time but LJ is a pretty dead place for me now that I'm stuck on Facebook ya know...
But I need to spazz here from time to time. It's like a fangirl dump where I can scream (in text) as much as I want without much thought or sth (because on FB I pity those who are my friends & don't share my fangirl interests) :3

That being said...


I was impatient for this (& I'm still anticipating the MV) & the wait today is over as it was finally released!

This is 0330, the title track! Surprised? It's a 180 degrees turn from their old image! Kinda ballad-ish! But the rest of the album is the U-KISS we know & love. ^^ One thing that surprised is: THE LACK OF AUTOTUNE FOR THIS MINI! :O  I can finally listen to Soohyunie's voice unhindered! XD

And you know what made this release more fun? At 12am Korea Time when the songs were officially released, U-KISS & us fans got on twitter & started spazzing together for the new album. We attempted to trend #BranNewKISS as Kevin told us but we failed. XD I don't mind though cause it was too much fun doing it with the guys. I tweeted to them in Korean as well. I was reminded the no1 reason why I am a KissMe. The closeness! 

Well gotta go listen to the mini again for the 100th time or so. XD  See ya tomorrow when the MV is out! :3

유키스 짱! 대박!!!
18th-Feb-2011 01:54 pm - I'm sitting on burning coal! XD
These past few days I'm in full anticipation mode. Why? Of course because Big Bang is FINALLY (and I bold finally) back! The teaser pics & the tracklist for the mini are posted already. Although we are actually getting only 3 new songs I don't mind. Some new Korean material at last! *raises fist*
I'm going crazy as I keep waiting! I hope Tonight is a great song that sweeps across the charts & hits no1 !   This February marks my 4rth anniversary as a VIP.  With the lack of Big Bang (as a group) lately I had forgotten how proud I was to be one! But I'm back in my kpop fangirling roots! Although it was DBSK that introduced me to kpop I was never a Cassiopeia but after getting to know Big Bang I called myself a VIP right away. 

I have preordered the album (along with Dalmatian's first mini & Secret Garden's OST) but ofc it'll take some time to arrive. In the meanwhile, here's the group pic...

Teaser PiccieCollapse )

All I can say first is...
DAESUNG YOU BECAME SO SEXY ! WHEN? HOW? (He should keep this hair forever :Q_____)

Taeyang is the same ol' Taeyang. Young Bae bb I know everyone keeps complaining about the lack of change in you but since you like yourself that way I support it. Also, I love the mohawk on you & I dread when I remember you with the cornrows. O_o

G-Dragon rocks the blond. This guy, I swear, whatever he does to his hair is WIN. He's a true fashionista in that aspect.

Seungri is hot as always. I love my little troll Idol King. He's actually my 2nd bias in Big Bang as of late! His solo album was amazing & I need to see his episode on Running Man ASAP!

And my old bias TOP looks like a grandpa. HE SHOULDN'T HAVE CUT THE HAIR! :OOOOO Why does he keep doing things that turn me off? GRAMPS GO BACK TO TOP I USED TO KNOW. Meh, I don't mind though. I love my Young Bae bb too much to go back to liking TOP anyways.

Ok back to waiting.... *bites nails*
Because Onew is the most precious faily person this fandom has ever created!

My friends know how much I love guys that fail in every possible aspect & are embarrasing to watch (that's the main reason I used to be a Sho fangirl for a long time). And I always get attracted to the ones that are like that even if I don't know them properly (I still lol at how I liked Seungho from MBLAQ just from watching him in Oh Yeah & then discovered how faily he truly is). I have a fail-dar. And I guess with Onew it just went off immediately. I swear his sangtae is so attractive to me!

And his latest achievement... Gosh! Luna & Onew are too precious together. She is the only girl I will ever ship him with cause I'm a delusional stan like that! :P

I love how Minho is Onew's polar opposite! Although they have the same zodiac sign! So different!
6th-Jan-2011 01:56 am - Random post no13195806
Joker part 2
I'm posting at ungodly hours. Well, not extremely ungodly but it's 1:30 am right now. By the time I finish this post it should be 2am so I should also start listening to 2AM's songs to match the hour.

HAPPY NEW YEAR (first of all!)

I'm bored, sick & a little sleepy but my sister has her friends over & I can't go to sleep right now. So... I'm posting here to pass the time. If anyone reads this then good, I'm not writing in vain at least.

Things to talk about? さぁぁなぁぁ!No idea. So I'll just say random stuff.
This is double double comboCollapse )

9th-Dec-2010 11:32 pm - So many things so little time...
Woot! Time to write another endless sheet post in my LJ! Only... not really! I'll try to keep it short but I've been aching to write something so there ya go.

Is that considered short? Oh well...Collapse )

Finally, I need to go shopping for some new boots. I need a pair of rainboots cause I'm going to England next week & it may be snowing. And a new pair of short boots with heels. My old pair wore off & I need a new stylish one. As I said before I'd rather die than be unfashionable. ;P 
24th-Nov-2010 11:30 pm - A post I did because I'm bored...
See, this is what happens when I don't have a meme to keep me going with the journal. *sigh*
Thankfully I'm so bored & free right now that I decided to write here. Various stuff.
Real life stuff, gaming addiction, U-KISS addictionCollapse )

LAST DAY OF THE MEME OMG!  It's over? Then what will I ever write about? Random things as usual I guess. :3


Ofc I skipped yesterday so it's 31 days! :P
But yesterday was awesome. The 3rd Andromeda fanmeeting has a huge success! We even did a small video message to DBSK in which I speak japanese. We wrote a message in English & I translated it in Japanese. We made a lot of bloopers before we got it right.

Kekekeke my face is the first thing you see before you press play! なんか恥ずかしい!

One more vidCollapse )
Ah the meme... 

Day 30: A k-pop idol that has amazing eye smiles

Eye smiles <3Collapse )
1 day to go! It has been fun! Tomorrow I'll probably won't be able to post Day 30 but Sunday is the day! ^^  Maybe you got tired (if you keep reading my LJ) by now but it has been fun for me. <3

Day 29: A k-pop song you never get tired of

Can I choose Gee again? No? Ok... Every k-pop song that I know of? No again? Yeah, I guess so...
Well then...
How original of me to choose thisCollapse )
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